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Simon is the Youth Counsellor at Clinic 77. He has a passion to work and connect with young people and their families. Simon seeks to understand the difficulties the youth of today are facing and wants to help them to connect, grow and adopt more preferred lifestyles. He recognizes that contemporary youth not only face the traditional difficulties of life but also with the introduction of modern technology they now face more complex issues.


Simon has had his own journey and experience with addiction therefore he understands how persistent and ongoing the battle can be. He also relates with the feelings of helplessness that are connected to it. Simon also sees how modern addictions i.e gaming are slowly creeping in and how destructive they can be. 


Simon has two years of counselling practicum experience and has worked at Somerville intermediate as a guidance counsellor for a year. He uses a variety of counselling approaches such as Narrative and Sand tray therapy (also known as play therapy) all the while being focusing and centred on what the client brings and what they want to talk about.


Simon's interests include travelling and exploring New Zealand and other countries and cultures. He loves the outdoors, so hiking and chilling out at the beach are some of his favourite things to do. He also likes most sports including touch rugby, boxing and MMA. Simon is also into video gaming and enjoys playing them as a way to unwind, have fun and create new experiences.  

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