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It’s important to note that our support doesn’t end when you leave the residential phase of our programme. We are committed to continuing care for our guests and family members to ensure what you’ve learned during your residential stay is supported and reinforced. You will simply transition from our inpatient recovery treatment programme to our outpatient programme.


If you’re based in Auckland this is achieved through our intensive outpatient programme and if you live outside of Auckland, we provide online recovery support with a clinician or other support groups as we’re able. Prior to leaving from your residential stay we will put in place a recovery treatment plan that works according to your personal and work commitments. 


We have an open door policy, which means you’re able to come back to visit if you’re feeling fragile or need a safe place to be; this is always on the condition you’re not under the influence of any drug or at risk of harming yourself or others.

Talk to one of our team today regarding our alcohol and drug outpatient treatment programme, feel free to phone us on 09 950 7780 or email us. Please feel free to click on the links below:

Treatment Approach

Meet your Team of Professionals

Location & Facilities

Admission & Treatment Fees

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