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Charlene is a Director of Clinic 77 and has a heart for working

with ‘family and friends’, she really resonates with the journey of those who get alongside and support and encourage a loved one struggling with substance dependency. Having walked her own experience and recovery journey with her family members she understands the heartache, helplessness and sheer despair that one encounters on a day-to-day basis. She also relates to how all consuming addiction and it’s progressive nature becomes, and understands that it soon becomes the loudest, deafening voice

in the room, one which can’t be ignored. Charlene is really passionate about holding the beacon of hope to those who

are walking in these familiar shoes.   


Charlene’s background comprises of 10 years experience in advertising. She has worked for a large global advertising company on retail, retail fashion, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and shopper marketing accounts. She comes with a wealth of knowledge in regard to branding, design, advertising and communications.


On a more personal note, she gets really excited about all things ‘nutrition-related’. She loves to surprise people when she cooks and to see the reaction on their face when they discover that they can eat really delicious food which is also incredibly nutritious.

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