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We offer a range of specialised outpatient rehab programmes for addiction, relapse prevention, anxiety and depression, and more. Contact us today or learn more about outpatient treatment below.

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Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programmes

Outpatient treatment programmes empower individuals to seek the help they need through our programmes while continuing with their day-to-day lives, living at home. See our specific treatment programmes below to learn more.

AOD Intensive Patient Treatment

A five-week, abstinence-focused programme for individuals seeking drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Family & Friend’s Treatment

A programme that focuses on educating and supporting friends and families of those struggling with addiction.

Prescription Medication Dependency Treatment

A six-week group programme focusing on education and practical skills to help reduce prescription medication dependency.

Aftercare Relapse Prevention & Rehab Recovery

An ongoing treatment programme to support clients after their initial recovery.

Gender Groups

Men's & women's drug and alcohol recovery groups to help clients connect with others going through the same or a similar issue.

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

A programme focusing on specific steps to help people manage and overcome anxiety and depression disorders.

Why Choose Clinic 77 for Outpatient Treatment?

We offer a range of outpatient addiction treatment programmes according to the recovery needs of an individual. Each programme is purposeful and individualised for the client. When creating our treatment programmes, we consider the following factors: 

  • Family relationships and history

  • Trauma-related circumstances

  • Substance history

  • Mental health concerns

  • Medical issues

  • Risk-related factors

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What Does Outpatient Treatment Involve?

Our five intensive outpatient treatment programmes include a strong five-part focus on the following areas:


Contractual Procedures, i.e. confidentiality, informed choice, and consent, etc.


Skill & Resource Development


Conscious versus Unconscious Processes of Addiction


Grief and Trauma, i.e. identity ('who you are' versus 'who you will be')


Emotional Intelligence & Regulation

If you're struggling and need help today, don't hesitate!

Contact us today at 09 950 7780 or

We would love to hear from you. Your call or email will be treated with confidentiality.

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