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Client Eligibility

Our services are available to any individual, family member, couple or youth aged 13 years

or older who requires assistance with alcohol or other drug related issues of concern in

relation to dependency and addiction


The service can be accessed via self-referral or referrals from general practitioners,

mental health services, spiritual organisations, and other professional addiction

healthcare specialists. 


Our service is a private clinic which means we are not funded by the government and therefore there is a cost associated with every service provided. There are no limitations placed on entry to our programmes based on your location.


Alcohol and Other Drug

Addiction treatment at Clinic 77 is approached in a comprehensive and integrative way. We believe in treating the entire person – mind, body and spirit. Our experienced team will assess all of your medical, clinical and holistic needs and come up with an individualised programme to address your specific issues. 


We provide each client with a licensed and skilled clinician. Our clinicians will help you gain insight into the causes of your addiction plus how to cope with the feelings associated with use. Our team will support and help guide you to full recovery and equip you with tools to help with relapse prevention.

Prescription Medication

Pain relief is one of the most common reasons people look for medical support. Throughout history, different forms of narcotics have been prescribed to relieve the severity of pain. Today, chemically based narcotics are still recommended for pain relief, but unfortunately these drugs are highly addictive. Dependency on prescription painkillers is a growing concern and a reason why we offer a comprehensive treatment programme that offers the support needed.


Co-Existing Disorders

Often times when a mental or emotional issue, such as depression or anxiety, is left untreated the individual ends up using drugs and alcohol as a way to ‘self-medicate’. Because this is such a common occurrence, here at Clinic 77 we address not only the drug abuse or alcohol addiction but we also treat any mental or emotional issues.

Pathway Process  |  Modalities, Methods & Assessment Tools  |  Objectives

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