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Ayushi is a Senior AOD Clinician at Clinic 77. She has a real heart to get alongside those contemplating another life, one that is free of drugs and alcohol. She loves working with an individual to motivate and support them to achieve their goals with their recovery. She is also really passionate about working with individuals to help them to understand and manage their emotions.


Ayushi’s journey in the field of addiction began at TRANX working as the Duty Counsellor. Following on from this she moved to Masterton where she acquired the role of Addictions Counsellor at CareNZ. In 2014, she returned to Auckland and rejoined the team at TRANX as a Clinician, she had a significant client load as well as working on the development of group treatment work. More recently she has worked at Odyssey working on their assessments and admissions team working mainly with the men’s prisons in Auckland. During this time she developed a real passion for group work as a facilitator for men’s groups.


In her spare time she really enjoys hikes and going on road trips to discover more of the beauty of Aotearoa. She is super passionate about all things food, cooking and exploring different cuisines and exploring new restaurants. She also really loves watching documentaries and stand-up comedy.

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