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Sarah is passionate about helping others. She recognises the uniqueness of each individual and loves to celebrate and champion a person’s road to recovery to see them living their best life. One of her favourite quotes by Charlie Mackesy says it like this “Always remember you matter, you’re important and you are loved and you bring to this world things no one else can”. 


Sarah’s story centres around understanding the value of self. She is a woman who displays a strong confidence which has come from being raised in a secure family environment by two wonderful parents. The benefits of this solid attachment has been passed on to her marriage with her husband (Go #TEAMJONES) and two adorable younger children. This then gets modelled within the therapeutic space with her clients, Sarah builds rapport easily and provides a safe, inviting space to have real conversations about real issues.


Sarah comes with a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the addictions field, she started working with adolescents at Odyssey House at the age of 22. She then moved to CADS (Community of Alcohol & Drugs Services) to work as a Comprehensive Counsellor involved with dual diagnosis. She later went on to move to the UK where she spent 11 years working in the addiction field in Central London. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Psychology and a PostGraduate Diploma in Counselling, she is registered with the New Zealand Association of Counselling (NZAC). She is trained in the use of Interactive Drawing Therapy and also Node Link Mapping.


Sarah is a mum to two beautiful primary school children and gets great joy from introducing them to new places and exploring new things with them. She loves to go adventuring around our beautiful landscape of Aotearoa bike riding, scooting, walking and swimming (clearly she is a lover of all things outdoors). She is passionate about exercise and the benefits it has on the body and the mind. She also enjoys all exercise from yoga to weights and loves the social aspect of exercising with a group of like minded friends.

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