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To generate hope for our clients. ​


To educate our clients and significant others (family/friends) so they have a better
understanding and awareness of addiction.


To encourage and enhance spirituality/meaning and purpose in life. 


Focus on personal development which brings about change in our clients life
by using strength-based practices. 


Promote holistic health and well-being. 


Empower and encourage our clients to become self-determined advocate’s
for their own recovery journey. 


Assist and support our clients to take personal responsibility thus opening
greater choice and opportunities for their lives. 


Refocus our clients to be solution-focused rather than problem-focused. 


Equip our clients with practical tools which they can implement in their everyday
lives which help them move towards them finding purpose and fulfilment i.e
SMART goals, WRAP.


To support and embrace our clients cultural roots and provide an environment
which promotes cultural respect and unity. 


To encourage relationship rebuilding and restoration within our clients sphere
of influence (family, friends, work colleagues, etc.).


To encourage a sense of contribution/giving back in our clients community. 


To cultivate a strong love of self which results in strengthen self-confidence,
self-awareness, self-esteem and self-acceptance. 

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