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AOD Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programme

This is a five week programme which is abstinence-centred (we believe abstinence is the best approach to ensure the greatest recovery outcome however we also work with clients who wish to work off a harm reduction model and tailor their programme accordingly).


Our programmes are founded on evidence-based practices and are delivered by addiction registered experts with lived experience who have a commitment and passion to help our clients live a successful recovery focused lifestyle.

Our treatment programme is designed to accommodate our clients work and personal schedules while still adhering to a regular intensive treatment recovery plan. 

Typically our AOD Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programme will offer an array of alcohol and drug treatment activities for approximately 8-10 hours per week, which works out being 4-5 hours over two days which could include an evening or weekend session.


Our treatment programme supports our clients in being involved in several different types of integrative recovery treatment, these include:

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Alcohol and Drug Screening and Evaluation

  • Full Psychological Consultation Report

  • Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy

  • Psycho-education Groups

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy Groups i.e emotional regulation

  • 12-Step Work (Optional)

  • Self-Reflection Studies

  • Skill & Resource Development

  • Pharmacology

  • Supporting Resources & Network Development

We also understand that mental health related issues can arise with addiction, we address and provide treatment for:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Anger Management 

  • Stress Management

Phone us or email us today on 09 950 7780 or to enquire about when our
next AOD Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programme is commencing. We
can't wait to partner

with you on your recovery journey.

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