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Our starting point begins at ‘anything’s possible!’ 


We hold this for your life because we have experienced our own miracles first hand.


We understand what it’s like to be stuck in a black hole and see no way out and believe that this is the end

of your life, as you know it. We know the black hole experience and how it stripped us of all dignity, reducing ones life to an empty and isolated void. Despair and hopelessness become your old, familiar friends and

any hint of hope is squashed by the demanding cries of your so-called ‘best friend’ (alcohol, lorazepam, marijuana, MDMA, morphine and methamphetamine). Eventually our so called ‘best friend's’ loyalty waned
and our substance dependency led us to an isolated existence, having lost the will to live and the ability to hold down a job. Our worlds had contracted so much that family and friends no longer rated. Death at times seemed the only option, as we were swallowed whole into the depths of addiction, a living, personal, internal hell.

Hindsight is always a beautiful thing, as we turn our heads back over our lives and reflect where we have come from, we marvel at the miracle and transformation which has taken place. The miracle was founded on ‘just one day at a time’ and sometimes it consisted of breaking it down to ‘one moment at a time’. Our miracles were not as flippant as waving a magic wand and waking up to a new life and a new, better and improved version of ourselves. It was grounded on making small changes every day, listening and doing what others told us to do,

we all know that old saying "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome". Having the revelation that ‘trusting ourselves’ is what got us here in the first place, was a massive key. Waking up everyday and choosing recovery, which looked like surrounding ourselves with like minded people who would catapult us forward in our lives. We understood that doing life by ourselves was a recipe for disaster but cherishing people and relationships which believed in us (Family and friends we could never have done it without you, you are the backbone of our recovery. You know who you are!) is what helped get us through. Finally, coming to the realisation that we were created for a purpose, something greater than ourselves, we recognised God was instrumental to do all that we were not able to do. 


We arrived at the name ‘Clinic 77’ because of the incredible meaning the numbers ’77’ hold and which we so personally resonate with, personal freedom. Breaking this down it also incorporates transformation, awakening, self discovery (introspection). As we discover ourselves by looking inward and partnering that with increased knowledge (around the disease of addiction) this makes way to greater motivational change, transformation and ultimately - internal freedom. 


We believe we were born to give back, like a pebble thrown into a pond, although we may be small,
individually and collectively we can leave a huge impact on the world around us. 


We believe in you!  


Tarsha & Charlene


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