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Family & Friends Treatment Programme 

This programme has been designed to educate and support families faced with alcohol and drug addiction issues. We believe that family and friends have a central role to play in the treatment of any health problem, especially substance dependency. Addiction to drugs or alcohol affects many people, not just the individual struggling with addiction, families, friends, and employers suffer, too. 


Here at Clinic 77 our treatment programme offers support, whilst educating families and friends about the disease of addiction and the different ways family and friends are affected. Some of the literature and research refers to addiction as a 'family disease.’ Why a ‘family disease’  because family and friends are significantly affected. It is painful watching a loved one struggling daily with the disease of addiction. Often by the time most families and friend reach out for help, the disease has progressed to a crisis level.


Our Family & Friends Treatment Programme equip the family with the necessary tools needed to lovingly get alongside their loved one struggling with addiction, without enabling them. The main objective of our programme is to help people heal from the harmful effects of a loved one's addiction. One of the most difficult learnings for families and friends is understanding that you can't control your loved one's drug or alcohol addiction, but you can take responsibility for your own health and happiness. 

Our programme offers two family sessions a week, taking up 3 hours over two days.


The programme offers help, hope and a new beginning for all family members and friends affected by addiction. It's a pivotal catalyst for change as it involves: 


  • Family & Individual goal-setting

  • Couples & Family Therapy - A time to rebuild trusting relationships

  • Psychoeducation groups that look at ‘the disease’ concept and the ‘family disease'

  • Psychotherapy Groups - This is an open forum with other families and friends where you can discuss and work through through the difficult times you've experienced

  • How to set new and healthy boundaries - loving verses enabling

  • Self-Reflective Studies - Relevant reading and writing

  • Fellowship with other participants


Questions? Reach out today. We're here for you. 


Phone us or email us today on 09 950 7780 or to enquire about when 

our next Family & Friends Treatment Programme commences.

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