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We are a private AOD (Alcohol and other drugs) outpatient treatment clinic based in East Auckland.
We offer individual counselling/psychotherapy and/or group therapy and five different intensive outpatient treatment programmes to those who are dependent on a substance (be it alcohol, drugs or prescription medication). We understand that people from all walks of life can suffer from addiction therefore we offer a discreet, confidential, caring environment designed to support you 

on your recovery journey. 


Our clinicians are highly qualified professionals with over 10 years specialised professional experience. We also have clinical staff that has over 20 years of personally lived experience. These staff members have walked their own journeys in mental health and addiction, conquering serious life difficulties, developing and changing and living a successful life in recovery. Our therapy and treatment programmes are founded on evidence-based practices and are delivered by addiction registered experts with a deep commitment to helping you recover and successfully live a recovery focused lifestyle with a high quality of life. 

Our service specialises in supporting and treating addiction in an organised, non-residential treatment setting. The programmes are designed to accommodate clients’ work and personal schedules while still adhering to a regular, intensive treatment plan. They do not include medical detoxification and typically offer an array of services for 10-12 hours per week. Our clinic will refer you to the appropriate medical detoxification service or residential facility when and if needed.

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