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Aftercare Relapse Prevention & Recovery Treatment Programme

This is an on-going treatment programme which is designed to support a client for as long as they feel they need it. Generally an aftercare program follows on from recovery time invested in a residential facility or an outpatient treatment programme.

Relapse can be a common occurrence whereby an individual returns to using (alcohol or other drugs) once leaving some sort of supported treatment facility or programme. Here at Clinic 77 we understand that it is really important to have a plan in place for our clients which will support re-entry into their community and lives, something that will provide support, structure, instill disciplines and at the same time provide some much loved accountability. We also are aware that relapse is never a one time event but is progressive in nature. It is important for our clients to have an understanding of what their triggers are and that they have an awareness
of what warning signs they should look out for.

This treatment programme will take up to approximately 6 hours per week across 2 days.

Our treatment programme supports our clients in being involved in several different types of integrative recovery treatment, these include:


  • Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy

  • Psychoeducation Groups

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy Process Groups

  • 12-Step Work (Optional)

  • Self-Reflection Studies: Relevant reading and writing

  • Skills & Resource Development 

  • Pharmacology

  • Supporting Resources & Network Development

Need some continued support, don't hesitate to phone us or email us today on 09 950 7782 

or to enquire about when our next Aftercare Relapse Prevention & Recovery
Programme commences.

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