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A Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Auckland

People from all walks of life can suffer from addiction; we offer discreet and confidential drug and alcohol services to support your recovery journey.

Clinic 77 is a God send. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the programmes, the staff and the setting. The support provided at Clinic 77 is top-notch and it's such a safe and warm environment, that it feels like a home away from home. I love these people. Thanks for all you do.

Samantha Jane

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Why Choose Us?

Highly qualified Clinicians

We are highly professional and passionate about what we do. Our clinicians have 10+ years of specialised experience in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, with some having more than 20 years of personally lived experience.

Discreet, confidential, and caring environment

Our East Auckland rehab clinic provides private drug and alcohol treatment through individual counselling, psychotherapy, and group therapy. Additionally, we offer five different intensive outpatient treatment programmes for those dependent on a substance.

Community-based freedom

Our intensive outpatient treatment programmes offer clients community-based freedom to maintain a regular commitment to family, work, and other responsibilities. Our clients live in the community; there is no need to explain prolonged absences to friends, co-workers, or family.

Strong support network

A strong support network is crucial to recovery. Our intensive outpatient treatment programmes provide clients with an official support plan, requiring them to participate in:

  • Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Psycho-education & Interpersonal Group Therapy

  • Self-Reflective Studies

  • Family Counselling & Psychotherapy

Our Practioners Are Registered With

Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association Aotearoa New Zealand
New Zealand Association of Counsellors
The Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programmes


Aftercare Relapse Prevention

Need some ongoing encouragement, support, and structure on your recovery journey? We would love to get alongside you!


AOD Intensive Outpatient

Feeling like your world is caving in, as alcohol or drugs are taking over the control of your life? Get help today; our intensive outpatient drug and alcohol services can support your recovery.


Family & Friends

Are you feeling alone and isolated carrying the burden of a family member or friend battling alcohol or drugs? We want to help support you!


Anxiety & Depression

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Are these hurting your daily life? We can help!


Prescription Medication Dependency

Do you feel like you're losing control of your life due to prescription medication dependency? We want to help you!


Gender Groups

Join one of our men or women groups and experience hope and encouragement in our recovery-focused groups.


Is life falling apart because of your drinking or drug use?

Anonymous (male)

I loved my one on one session each week. It was insightful and provided me with some much needed support and accountability. The team at Clinic 77 are really friendly and incredibly professional.

Anonymous (female)

I joined one of Clinic 77's women's groups. I was really apprehensive and nervous about talking about my stuff with complete strangers. I'm also a very shy person. However, I got so much out of the material we covered and I walked away each week feeling really hopeful about my recovery.

Karen Clay

I am truly grateful for the team at Clinic 77, they have helped me and my family with addiction & support and I would recommend them to anyone, Thank you


Our journey begins with the idea that anything's possible! 


We believe strongly in this because we have experienced our own miracles first-hand.


We understand what it's like to be stuck in a black hole and see no way out and believe that this is the end of your life as you know it. We know the black hole experience and how it stripped us of all dignity, reducing one's life to an empty and isolated void. Despair and hopelessness become your old, familiar friends, and any hint of hope is squashed by the demanding cries of your so-called "best friend" (alcohol, lorazepam, marijuana, MDMA, morphine, and methamphetamine).


Eventually, our so-called "best friend's" loyalty waned, and our substance dependency led us to an isolated existence, having lost the will to live and the ability to hold down a job. Our worlds had contracted so much that family and friends no longer rated. Death sometimes seemed the only option, as the depths of addiction swallowed us—a living, personal, internal hell.

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Your alcohol & drug addiction recovery starts here.

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