Lisa has always been passionate about wellness and working her own action programme, which is the 12 Step Programme, this naturally extends to travelling alongside people on their recovery journey who are battling substance dependency so that they too may come to a place where they’re able to reconnect with themself and discover their authentic self. One of her favourite quotes says..."Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must but take that first step" Author unknown. She feels grateful to have the opportunity to tip toe alongside and take those challenging first steps with those who have come to a place where they want to get some support around their drinking
or using.


Lisa’s life and story centres around the theme of ‘hope’, she carries hope for that family member or loved one who is stuck in the chains of addiction. Lisa is living proof that life in recovery can be fun, full, happy and a life worth living. Lisa’s drinking swept a destructive path through her life however she is now 11 years (in August) on in her recovery, she acknowledges that her life today is simply about choosing each day to action her 12 Step programme. She is also a big advocate of surrounding and connecting with others in recovery. She credits her battle with addiction as being one of the greatest gifts she has been given in her life as it has given her the ability to look within, to reconnect to herself and to her loved ones and to become part of a far larger family and community which in turn sees her serving others.


Lisa is our 12 Step Innovation Coordinator, she is well versed in the Steps and has extensive experience (11 years in August to be exact) of both working through the Steps personally and taking others through them as a sponsor. She is creative in her approach and is a strong advocate of the 12 Step Programme, she understands the merits of actioning a life programme that is a proven evidence-based approach to treating addiction. Lisa is an experienced Learning, Development and Wellbeing Facilitator/Trainer and Coach who has worked in hospitals, corporate settings, NGO’s and government organisations. On a more recent note, Lisa worked for Blueprint as their Programme Co-ordinator for their Workforce Development Programme, she was responsible for coordinating a nation wide training programme in the mental health and addiction field. She was also involved with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare for five years as the Clinical Educator and facilitated training and education initiatives to their medical staff around New Zealand. She identifies as an allied health professional who has a strong commitment and passion to help improve workplace health and the wellbeing of employees. She has always worked in the health sector as it resonates with her personal values around well being, connection and self development. Lisa previously trained as a Physiotherapist she has had experience working in New Zealand and the UK in both hospital and community based roles. She is also a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner who is registered with the International NLP Association.


Lisa is the mum to two ever hungry teenage boys who she loves spending time with. She taps into her creative side in the outlet of a ‘Paper Artist’ (remember your childhood days when you did origami but Lisa’s version is ‘next level’ amazing!). She appreciates getting lost in a great novel and equally loves to spend time connecting with family and friends.